7 Things To Never Do Before Or After Sex

rolf bruderer/getty images You can have the best sex of your life in your 40s and also beyond. Besides, you have plenty of experience, you know what you like, and also you’re possibly not as reluctant concerning revealing your needs. Yet even exercised enthusiasts can make some pre- and also postsex blunders that may foul an otherwise attractive combining. Don’t let these 7 ridiculous points hinder of a rockin’ prance. 1. Do not hurry out of bed to utilize the washroom. Voyagerix/getty pictures You may have heard you ought to pee immediately after sex to stay clear of an urinary system tract infection.

But a little pee isn’t mosting likely to make a difference, says Jennifer Bump, MD, a professor of obstetrics and gynecology at Baylor College of Medication in Houston. So sit tight as well as cuddle after sex (unless you actually need to pee, obviously). 2. Do not finish the container of white wine. alexandra steedman/getty pictures While a glass of vino may help place you in the state of mind, drinking way too much can make sex unfulfilling. In one study at the College of Missouri– St. Louis, 11% of alcohol customers reported troubles accomplishing climax.

MORE: 10 Signs You Have A Healthy And Balanced Sex Life Compared to nondrinkers, males that drank had a tougher time climaxing while women needed to be boosted more in order to climax. (Required help browsing sex during menopause? Then have a look at The Natural Menopause Option today.) The reason: Alcohol dispirits parts of your nervous system that are essential for arousal and orgasm. 3. Avoid (or assume?) this position. SCIEPRO/getty pictures Elevating your hips adhering to sex might increase your chances of developing. This position might assist sperm traveling into your cervix, Bump explains.

So depending upon whether or not you’re trying to develop, you may want to watch out for exactly how you lie after sex. 4. Do not let him avoid his presex shower. julio lopez saguar/getty pictures Have an uncircumcised companion? Ask him to rinse behind his foreskin; UTI-causing bacteria might accumulate there and be passed to you throughout sex. If you’re also ashamed to demand that he clean up, “have passionate foreplay ahead of time,” claims Bump. (Or do not. Yeek.) 5. Don’t have a large dinner.

Burwell and also Burwell Photography/getty photos Lots of healthy and balanced foods– veggies, beans, whole grains– can make you gassy during sex, claims Cheryl Iglesia, MD, a gynecologist in Washington, DC. (Also think about eating these 8 other foods shown to provide your sex drive a pleased boost. ) To avoid humiliating scenarios, stay clear of these and other high-fiber foods in the hr or more before sex. Instead, have a little item of chocolate. It improves serotonin levels, which assists get you in the state of mind. 6. Don’t place sex playthings away without cleansing them extensively. cris180/getty pictures Without an appropriate clean, they can expand some infection-causing bacteria.

MORE: 9 Ways Therapists Can Tell If Your Relationship Is Mosting Likely To Survive To secure yourself, use an antibacterial wipe or spray (like this organic toy cleanser), Iglesia recommends. 7. Don’t use a lube that includes menthol. Steve Carroll/getty photos Perimenopausal and also menopausal ladies commonly experience a thinning of the vaginal cells, which brings about level of sensitivity, Iglesia says. Promoting lubes frequently include menthol, which can be bothersome. Particularly for women around the age of menopause, Iglesia suggests water-based lubricating substances without menthol to prevent an unpleasant night.

(Our pick: this organic, aloe-based personal lubricating substance. )

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